Grand Canyon AZ

Photographing the Arizona Grand Canyon (South Rim)

This is the first is a series of images covering the South West on Spring 2017 photo tour for NatureViews. This image is taken around sunset at Lipan Point, which is on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

I should start by stating that my wife Sharon, and I are touring the South West in our RV with the goal of again photographing this beautiful area.

Traveling in an RV is both a joy and a constant trial. Life becomes a series of solving problems – much like photography. Nothing is quite like it should be, or works as you expected and there is precious little time to recover and correct. It’s that challenge, however, that makes it interesting and all the more satisfying when things do work out. I guess you can apply that concept to most things in life.

On with the continuing saga…

Grand Canyon Pinon

This is a special shot with the setting sun rays. One more day at the Grand Canyon and we’re off to the slot canyons near Page Arizona.

Page Arizona is more than just slot canyons, views South of Page are also spectacular.

Page Arizona