Websites begin with an address, or domain name which are hosted and operate on a web server. Additionally, CDN’s are used to provide more universal access to overcome geographical limitations.

The following combination – WPX, NameCheap and Cloudflare area a perfect trifecta that will help keep you web operating for years into the future. These facilities are well funded, mature and optimized.  I use them and highly recommend them.

My Top Pick for Web Hosting: WPX Hosting

Too many recommend Web Hosts based on the size of the affiliate fee. I’ve used everything from Blue Host to SiteGround to FlyWheel – WPX is the best in terms of 24/7 service, easy setup, performance and price. I don’t even mess with other recommendations. WPX is the best. Here’s their single site pricing.

My Top Pick for Domain Hosting: NameCheap

Want a Domain Host that’s been around, is affordable and easy to manage? The best I’ve found is NameCheap. Again, 24/7 technical support and easy to manage. I keep all my domains in one place and manage everything at NameCheap.

My Top Pick for CDN - CloudFlare

CDN’s or Content Delivery Networks optimize the delivery of your website. Additionally, they provide certain security features, and facilitate speed up and managing. You can easily use the free version to meet all you needs and only upgrade if specifically needed. Cloudflare is the top player in this area.

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