Developing and managing a photo website is no simple task. Fortunately two stellar web applications make a photographer’s life much easier.

One, ManageWP, is for managing updates and backups necessary for websites another, Prodibi, is a totally revolutionary concept for managing and serving images – high resolution images. Finally, CaptureOne, as a RAW image processor has become the best RAW app available and it integrates nicely with Prodibi and FujiFilm. Win, win all the way around.

My Top Pick for managing websites: ManageWP

Managing a website, especially managing multiple websites is easily facilitated by using a system such as ManageWP. I mentioned this as a recommendation in the plugins section and the two work together. ManageWP is now owned by GoDaddy and is an excellent system which takes care of updates, backups, optimizations and a number of miscellaneous tasks. The cost is very reasonable and dependent on which features you use. Use this to manage your website and you’ll thank me later.

My Top Pick for managing Images: Prodibi

Prodibi has got to be the best image application for photographers ever developed. It is such a revolution that I wouldn’t ever want to go back to the old way of resizing, optimizing, downloading, uploading etc., etc., What a pain.

Here’s how you use Prodibi. If you use CaptureOne, you simply process your images and then upload, via a menu option, to the Prodibi site. From there you can link single images and galleries to your WordPress site using the free Prodibi plugin. Nothing could be easier and you deliver full resolution images without anything slowing down your site. You can even use a selection and delivery process for clients.

If you want or need to, you can opt to upgrade your service level and store even more images. Additionally other features are available that simply makes this a must have application for photographers. Absolutely highly recommended.

My Top Pick for Raw Image Processing: CaptureOne

As a long time Adobe user – Lightroom and Photoshop, it takes a lot to warrant a change not only in software but in my workflow, but CaptureOne is so significant, and so good that it’s been easy and quite satisfying to make the move. Their RAW processing is truly superior and with FujiFilm’s X series cameras there is simply no better game around.

CaptureOne has some unique integrations, especially with Prodibi and FujiFilm which can supercharge any photographer’s efforts and their training and support is world class. Make this move and you’ll be glad you did.

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