Sierra Nevada region of California

How You can Photograph the Fall Beauty

With both floor and backdrop covered in Aspen yellow, this image really pops the Aspen Tree bark colors.

Listen, I wanted to give you a secret tip on photographing one of my favorite times of the year for landscapes – the Fall.

Actually, I’d rather shoot “anytime but summer.”

Why? Most summer shots have a number of problems; they’re crowded, it’s almost only green, and everyone has already seen the shot, so it’s much harder to create something special.

Not so with the fall (and spring and winter for that matter.) But, whereas summer is summer and green for a long, long time, fall is different and the changes are not so dependable.

So, how can you capture the autumn picture of your dreams? The problem is to find the right location and at the right time. Of course, if it’s in your own backyard, no problem. But, if you’re traveling and you miss it – major disappointment.


Here’s a tip – Google the following: “Fall Photography Workshops ‘location’.”


Think about it.

These workshop leaders are pros at certain locations and nothing hurts business more than having students come to a workshop only to be disappointed. So they use their years of experience and understanding of the various locations to maximize the possibility of photographic success.

Go ahead, try it with “Montana” or “Yellowstone” or “Yosemite.” The results are amazing and super informative.

You’ll see some of the locations you can expect to shoot and may even be given information on lodging and where to eat. All very helpful information for a photo trip.

Now, understand something, I’m not encouraging you to be a stalker 🙂 so please don’t try to follow the group around. Also, you might even be encouraged to take one of these workshops – nothing wrong with that.

This is really a great way to get some excellent insider information on where to go and when. And you can use it for other seasons too. You can really learn a lot this way.

So, enjoy the insights that the Internet makes available, and increase your opportunity to take some really phenomenal landscape images.

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