Photographing the beauty of Big Sur, California

The steep cliffs and rocky beaches of Big Sur, California offer the more picturesque scenes anywhere. This time of the year, the plants are prolific and super-saturated, yet the sun rises and sunsets have been more subtle. Here are just a few of the many images we were fortunate to take.

Big Sur Ca

Garrapata Park in Big Sur, CA

Having moved to Texas after living in California for most of my life, I’m often asked if California is different than Texas. Maybe. Here’s an example. The highway signs in Texas, that are used to discourage littering, read “Don’t mess with Texas“. Kind of a “you must not be from around here” warning. The fine for littering, however, is $350.

In California, the same no littering signs read “Care for California“. Sounds much nicer, almost a kumbaya moment. The penalty, however, is almost 3 times as much at $1,000.

You can make your own conclusions but, yes, California and Texas seem sometimes, worlds apart.

Big Sur, California
Big Sur includes the rugged coast from Carmel to the North to San Simeon to the South.