Nothing is more important than the right plugins – believe me, it will make or break your site.

I have used these specific plugins on multiple websites after having used and discarded numerous other plugins because – flat out – these work and work without problems. This is not a listing of the top affiliate paying plugins. Most are free or very inexpensive. You need to decide what your needs are, but you won’t go wrong with following selection.

All of these plugins are available from, or better yet, directly in your WordPress admin panel under “add new plugins.”

My Top Pick for Word Press Plugins:

  • Analytify – Free site Google tracking that won’t slow down your site. The pro version allows tracking on each page and post also.
  • Antispam Bee – Free anti spam that works. Use only if you’re allowing comments.
  • Caldera forms – The free version provides plenty of forms without slowing your site like Contact 7. Only needed if you have a contact form etc.
  • Easy Table of Contents – The best, easiest, free table of contents that truly works. Use to make posts easier to read.
  • ManageWP – You’ll need this to manage WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates directly via Their service is free to inexpensive depending on your needs.
  • Pixel Caffeine – Start ever site off right with a Facebook tracking pixel for marketing down the road. Again, free!
  • Prodibi Photo Library – Free for smaller sites that want to manage and present their images without problems or slowing the site down. Like ManageWP, the plugin hooks into the browser app.
  • Rank Math – Totally free but what a superb SEO plugin. Automatically installs from previous SEO plugins like Yoast etc. You need this.
  • Swift Performance – Speed is king and Swift performs without fail. Again, you probably won’t need the paid version, it’s that good but definitely use this.
  • TablePress – The only free Table plugin that really works. Obviously, use only if you need to show tables in your posts.
  • UpDraft Plus – The only plugin that I recommend that costs although you could live with the free version. You need backup! In fact, start with this plugin to avoid major headaches.
  • WP Content Copy Protection – This simple and free plugin will stop most people who want to steal your images. Remember, however, even with this someone can always do a screen save and get a low resolution copy.
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