South Platte Hotel

South Platte Hotel

History escapes us. Especially when it’s involved on the wrong side of political issues.

One place that fits this description is the South Platte Hotel which sits near the confluence of the North Fork and the South Platte rivers. A popular resort in the early 1900’s, Denver Water has acquired the hotel and other properties in the area as part of their plan, from the 1970’s, to build the Two Forks Dam along the South Platte.

Although this was all the rage by Denver Water, in November of 1990 the Environmental Protection Agency vetoed the project, stating that the proposed project would have unacceptable adverse effects on fishery and recreational areas based on two independent grounds.

First, the EPA found that the effects are unacceptable in light of the significant loss of or damage to these resources, and second, the EPA concluded that even if less damaging practicable alternatives were available, the significance of the damage to fishery and recreational areas caused by the projects would be so great that they would constitute an unacceptable adverse effect under section 404(c), which effects are not adequately compensated for by the mitigation proposed by the applicant – Denver Water.

Effectively also, this is a final determination.

For fly fishermen, this was great news.

I’m sure, however, Denver Water is none too happy and accordingly will do little to nothing in the future to restore such an historical site as the South Platte Hotel.

I’m just speculating…

South Platte Hotel