Themes are always hot ticket items, but you really only need one – Astra. You can use the free version or upgrade to pro. In addition to a theme, it’s best to add a page builder like Elementor – again, totally free and upgrade to a pro version only when you need to.

Bottom line, with Astra and Elementor, you can create virtually any website your vision imagines. Stay away from all the pricey themes. You really don’t need them and most are too restrictive. The above free versions will carry you forever and the upgrades are really reasonable if you ever need to expand.

This is not only the smart way to create a website, Astra and Elementor are two of the biggest names in the industry and only get better with time.

My Top Pick for a Theme: Astra

Astra was one of the hottest themes to come to market. It’s completely flexible and fast. It doesnt’ have some of the drawbacks like all the shortcodes present in Divi and is completely flexible. Without doubt, it’s simply the best theme out there.

My Top Pick for a Page Builder: Elementor

Even though you can develop a number of excellent sites with a theme like Astra, the use of a great page builder like Elementor just gives you that much more power in your arsenal. This page builder has trounced all the competition and they get better every day. You won’t go wrong with Elementor.

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